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We understand this may be a new experience for you, and that's ok. We're here to walk you through, one step at a time. We hope to make this difficult time just a little easier.

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Whether it's a standard urn or an engraved urn, an urn with a digital picture frame or Memory Glass, we have what you're looking for.

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We understand this may be the first time you are considering pet cremation. That's perfectly ok. This is why we have a few Frequently Asked Questions located to the right. If there are any that we don't answer, please contact us and we can answer each and every question or concern you have.

Pet cremation is the best way to have a visible memory of your best friend. With hand-crafted urns, digital frames, and memory glass, cremation lets the world know how much your pet meant to you.
The cost of a pet cremation varies with the species of pet (dog, cat, bird, etc.) as well as the size of the pet. A standard urn is included in the cost of each cremation, however, personalized urns are extra.
Included in each cremation package is a standard urn and a certificate of cremation. For more personalization, please visit our Products Page.

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